Micheal Luck might be retiring at the end of the season but he will leave a tremendous legacy at the Warriors.

Luck was - actually still is - the ultimate professional.

He puts in 100 per cent every week with no exceptions. He's a fine leader and his approach to the game has rubbed off on those around him. When you watch Elijah Taylor play you can see Luck's influence written all over him.

What guys like Taylor have learned from playing alongside Luck, that's his legacy right there.


Luck is due to return soon but fans shouldn't expect too much of him to start with. His injuries have meant he hasn't been able to do a lot in the gym and you really need three or four weeks of solid weight training just to get into a position where you can handle the NRL. He'll want to be 100 per cent before he comes back so it wouldn't even surprise me if he plays for the Vulcans first. But the sooner the Warriors get Luck back the better.

Even having him running around on the training paddock is going to be a real boost for the club.