Thought-Wired designs brain-sensing technology and solutions to assist people with profound physical disabilities to lead fulfilling, independent lives. The "assistive solution" requires only the power of thought to operate by gathering electrical brain activity through sensors placed on the surface of the scalp.

Aimed to empower and help those with severe disabilities to communicate and connect with family, friends and others and more easily interact with their environment, the technology allows those with disabilities to independently control and operate electronic devices and other technologies by themselves.

The team's solution combines innovative brain sensing technology with a training and access software application called NOUS. With a strong focus on social impact, co founder Sarvnaz Taherian says the venture's aim is to make the world more accessible for people with physical disabilities and envisions NOUS "will open doors for communication, education, entertainment and social participation."

Through Launchpad, Thought Wired aims to refine its business and commercialisation plan, establish effective business processes and prepare to raise the necessary capital required to launch the product to market.