Herald on Sunday last week, won't be going ahead tonight - and his furio' />

I see Roger Moses' plans for a big bash at Sails Restaurant, revealed in the Herald on Sunday last week, won't be going ahead tonight - and his furious wife is blaming this paper.

Moses got out of jail this year after serving eight months of a two-year prison term for distributing misleading investor statements for the failed Nathans Finance Company.

Nathans lost investors $174 million and some of those investors were appalled that Moses would have such an extravagant 70th birthday celebration.

Barbara Moses told the National Business Review that she and her family could cope with any media attention on the night, but they didn't want their guests to be embarrassed in any way, so the party was cancelled.


She has savings of her own after working all her married life, she said, and was footing the bill for the party.

Moses told the NBR her husband had paid a terrible price for the mistakes he had made - but I think most people would agree that eight months at Rangipo is hardly the most punishing sentence.

I'm sure she feels genuinely outraged. Her husband has served his time - such as it was - and if she's footing the bill with her own money, good on her.

But doesn't she understand how the investors feel? Some of them will be lucky to shout their husbands a birthday dinner at Valentine's, given their life savings have disappeared.

Some of these wealthy financiers seem to have a sense of entitlement that makes them insensitive to the feelings of others. Have the party at home. If you can't bear the thought of making the oysters on horseback and sausage rolls yourself, get it catered. Live quietly.

And be grateful you still have enough disposable income to celebrate the milestones in each other's lives. Many of the investors, who put their faith in your husband, don't.

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