Rio Olympics runner Hamish Carson, from Raumati South, already has his sights on the Tokyo Olympics.

But the memories from taking part in the Rio 1500m track event are still vivid and special.

"Stepping into the Olympic stadium and feeling that electric energy from the Rio crowd is something I will never forget.

"In the few weeks between being selected and competing the amount of messages of support I received was incredible.


"My old school, Kapiti College, and my club, Wellington Scottish, put together fantastic videos cheering me on.

"Knowing so many people were behind me made the experience that much richer.

"I think a lot of people enjoyed having a Kapiti Coaster at the Olympic Games."

His Rio goal was firstly to get to the 1500m track semi final.

"It was pretty hard just to qualify for the Games so I knew making the semi would be tough but I also knew I was up to the challenge.

"I had to be in the top six in my heat or one of the six next fastest over the three heats.

"As it turned out I didn't quite manage to get through the prelim, finishing 8th.

"As often happens in championship 1500m races, my heat ended up being slow and tactical, with all of us jostling for position and pouring on the pace over the final stages of the race.


"The other two heats ended up being less tactical and much faster so I missed out on any of the time qualifiers as well.

"The 1500m can be a brutal event.

"I felt a fair bit of frustration about the result but I knew I'd given it my best shot on the day.

"I gained a lot of insight and experience from representing New Zealand at my first major championship.

"I'm proud to have ended the season as the 9th fastest New Zealander of all time over the 1500m and to be ranked 36th in the world this year; a big improvement on last year.

"I'll be using everything I've learned to fuel me as I take on the next challenges leading to Tokyo in four years time.

"The World Champs will be in London next year and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are in early 2018."