Key Points:

Two Muslim clerics invited to give speeches in New Zealand have been accused of promoting hate speech in Britain against gays, women and other religions.

Sheikh Khalid Yasin and Islamic scholar Bilal Phillips were last month shown in a documentary on Britain's Channel 4 allegedly inciting hatred at a British mosque.

The Press reported today that Yasin was invited to speak in Christchurch in May 2005 as a guest of the Muslim Association of Canterbury.

Phillips toured the country last year giving lectures as a guest of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (Fianz).

Fianz said yesterday it would not invite such clerics in future, while the Canterbury association said Yasin was a kind, tolerant person and would have him back.

In the British documentary, Yasin predicted that Jews would be exterminated on the Day of Judgment.

He advocated a subordinate role for women and said Christian missionaries spread Aids by putting the virus in vaccines for tropical diseases such as malaria and yellow fever.

DVDs of American-born Yasin's speeches sold in a Birmingham mosque included the cleric urging his followers to stop mixing with Christians and Jews because they were being defiled and polluted by Western culture.

Phillips, who also preaches at the Birmingham mosque, was shown arguing it was permissible to marry off a nine-year-old girl because the Prophet Muhammad had done so.

Fianz president Javed Khan told the Press it would not be inviting Phillips again.

Mr Khan said Fianz was not aware of the background of the two scholars when they were invited to New Zealand.

Muslim Association of Canterbury president Khalifa Alhasi said yesterday it would have Yasin back because he was "a very kind, tolerant person".