National leader Judith Collins has labelled a new political poll, which has her party at a dismal 25 per cent, as "clearly false".

Labour soared at 60 per centin the the Newshub-Reid Research poll.

Collins is in Palmerston North where she promised to spend $200 million on a rural ring road in the town if she wins the election.

This morning, Collins told Newstalk ZB: "Even with the most rigorous methodology, one in 20 polls will always be a rogue and this is clearly one of them."


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When asked by media about the polling this afternoon, Collins said: "I want to remind you all that polling goes up and down.

"Its obviously a rogue poll, clearly false."

Collins said the Massey University survey of 70,000 people has them on 41 per cent.

Collins said they can still win the election as they have always almost got there on the party vote.

She said she was not concerned last night's polls results would be self-fulfilling prophecy.

"I know it is simply not accurate because of what I'm seeing and because of our own polling."

She said she will be releasing the poll to caucus tomorrow.


PM 'probably' knew about Lees-Galloway - Collins

This morning, Collins told Magic Talk she would not have sacked Iain Lees-Galloway for having an affair.

"That's between him and his spouse".

She added that when she passed on the information to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, she did not know herself he was accused of an affair - but she accused the PM of knowing prior to their conversation.

"I didn't know anything about it, I think she probably did."

But when asked this afternoon if she thought Ardern had lied, she said: "No I'm saying that I did not know. I simply said to her that I've had a message from someone, an email, saying that they had some information that is even worse than what has come out about our then-MP and I passed it to her and she asked me who it was about and I said, 'Ian Lees-Galloway'.

"I did not have the detail and I said I didn't want to receive the detail and I asked them to contact her office.


"And when I said 'It's Iain Lees-Galloway', she said 'Oh yes, right'."

When asked if the implication was that Ardern had "joined the dots because she already knew about the affair", Collins said: "I didn't know about the affair and I'm not interested in all the grubby details. It's not my business. She needs to front up with what she meant by 'an abuse of office' and frankly that's for her to answer. I'm not her minder and if I was, she would be much better at her job."

Pressed again, she said again: "She said to me 'Who is it?' And I said 'It's about Iain Lees-Galloway' and she said, 'Oh yes' and then she walked off. So we arranged for me to make sure that everything went to her.

"I didn't know about it until she outed him and she sacked him. That's her business, not mine. I've made my calls on our one."

Palmerston North seat

Her visit to Palmerston North comes a day after Labour announced its new candidate for the area just four days after former Minister Iain Lees-Galloway was sacked from Cabinet.

He said he would not be contesting the election.


Labour's new candidate, Palmerston North Deputy Mayor Tangi Utikere, will square up with National's William Wood – who was with Collins at the announcement today.

Collins said they can still win the seat for Palmerston North as they have always almost got there on the party vote.

"I think there's about a 300 majority at the moment on the party vote that shows me there's a lot of National-based people living in this electorate."

New roading project

Collins was in Palmerston North today to announce the promised road funding – which she said National would start within six months of taking office.

The money for the new roading project would come from the party's promised $31 billion transport package, more than half of which has already been allocated.

It will connect the Manawatu Gorge, Bulls and State Highway south through to Wellington.


The National leader said the new road would divert heavy traffic away from Palmerston North's suburban streets.

"Not only will it make Palmerston North safer; it will unlock Manawatū's economic potential as a distribution hub by providing a better, faster link to national and international markets.

"In our cities we are focused on rapid transport, buses and rail. In our regions we have a strong focus on high quality roads. We are unashamed about backing provincial New Zealand and we are doing this again today."

"Today's announcement is an important step forward for the Manawatu regional economy. The region is a fast growing freight hub and this will bolster growth in agriculture business exports from the region."

She said the project was "long overdue", given an estimated 23,000 vehicles move between Palmerston North and Feilding each day.

She said this project will take heavy traffic off residential roads and improve safety for residents.


"National wants to see freight trucks rumbling along fit for purpose highways on route to the North Island's ports, not rattling past primary schools on streets that they shouldn't be."

Collins said they fast tracking through getting consents and consultations.

Next week she will be making an announcement for Otaki and the following week and announcement for Wellington.

Earlier this month, Collins announced the $31b package – the majority of which earmarked for Auckland.

But $14b would be divvied up around the rest of the country.

Last week, National announced it would use $300 million of that pool for a number of roading projects in the Wairarapa, including an upgrade of the Norfolk Rd Roundabout and the improvements of the Waingawa to Clareville part of State Highway 2.


"We're saying it loud and clear – we will build this road and we won't muck around," Collins said today.