Ever wondered why your month on Keto did nothing for your waistline while your friend emerged as a slim Jim after just two weeks on the same diet?

The newest trend in health management points to the answer being in your genetic makeup and whether the diet or fitness regime you've embarked on is effective for your body type and unique predispositions.

Known broadly as epigenetics, Newstalk ZB's Kate Hawkesby spoke to gym owner and fitness pro Amanda Chan-Borell about why a new personalised healthcare technology could be the future for effective weight loss, fitness and the key to beating preventable lifestyle diseases.

Chan-Borell says it works by accurately measuring "people's gene expression using a really simple, non-invasive technique - using just a tape measure. So we ask a few extra questions like eye colour and skin condition, which is your longest finger. We basically can discover exactly what your health and lifestyle recommendations are for your unique body."


Chan-Borell shares that in her 20 years in the fitness industry, she has witnessed people getting frustrated and confused by the myriad health and fitness programs on offer and their despair when they see others making progress while their results stagnate.

But with personalised healthcare technology, once you discover these intricacies about your body type and shape, and learn how you digest food, it basically takes the guess work out of what will and won't be an effective approach to weight loss and better health, says Chan-Borrell.

Here are some key insights based on three categories of body type:

Build: Strong bone structure, tall, naturally hold more muscle and weight

People with this build respond better to strength-focused training programs with longer rests in between bouts and will have less stress on their body and mind when they exercise later in the day.

Recommended diet: Vegetarian

Build: Shorter in stature, lean, more athletic

This body type gets far better results from short, sharp, high intensity workouts earlier in the day.


Recommended diet: Rich in antioxidants and can handle more animal proteins than other health types.

Build: Light and slim Look to activities that stimulate your body and mind, such as yoga. Or get into more endurance-style activities like running or resistance training.

Recommended diet: Easily digestible food - think cooked rather than raw. You'll also need to include more carbohydrates than other health types.