Goats and yoga: Two unrelated things that seemingly would not go well together yet somehow they do.

In a stroke of luck the genius concept for Goat Yoga was conceived on Lainey Morse's little farm in Oregon.

Morse was hosting a children's birthday party, when a yoga instructor approached her about holding yoga classes there. Morse agreed on one very important condition that the goats were allowed to join in.

So Goat Yoga came to be, social media got involved and, unsurprisingly, it quickly took off.


It's almost time for Easter Goat Yoga!!! 🐐❤️#goatyoga

Posted by The Original Goat Yoga on Sunday, 16 April 2017

Her eight goats may do as they please while the yogis bend, stretch and pose. You may even get a cuddle if you are lucky.

Jumping, noisy and distracting goats may seem to conflict with a calm yoga session, yet it's a challenge that many are more than willing to take.

Morse described the goats to CNN as a "happy distraction." More than 1000 people are now on the waiting list for their Goat Yoga classes.

Posted by The Original Goat Yoga on Monday, 17 April 2017

Morse says the goats are really helping people, herself included. Last year she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and she said spending time with the goats every day was "therapeutic."

"It's hard to be sad and depressed when there's baby goats jumping on you."

Posted by The Original Goat Yoga on Sunday, 9 April 2017

Janine Bibeau, an instructor at a New Hampshire goat yoga farm, told the New York Post that "studies show that animal therapy lowers stress levels and anxiety. It lowers your blood pressure. Those are all things yoga does, too, so combining the two is just such a unique experience."

Now we wait for someone to bring this brilliant concept to New Zealand.

Any takers?