Just nine days after winning the title of World's Ugliest Dog, English bulldog Zsa Zsa has passed away in her sleep.

Zsa Zsa's owner Megan Brainard confirmed to NBC's Today Show that the 9-year-old dog had passed away at home in her sleep.

Brainard said that the passing of her beloved pet was "devastating" and that her family were still processing the loss.

"She knew she was special," Brainard told the Today Show. "She never really showed much excitement but yes, she was definitely living it up after she won."


Zsa Zsa's adorable under bite, crooked teeth and impossibly long tongue that hung out of her mouth, saw the pup take home a $1500 prize for winning the 30th annual World's Ugliest Dog contest.

Brainard drove 30 hours from her home in Anoka, Minnesota, to give the curious looking dog a chance to shine on stage.

Brainard knew there was something special about Zsa Zsa when she first saw her for adoption on PetFinder, after being rescued from a puppy mill.

Since her passing Zsa Zsa's family have held a farewell ceremony for their furry friend in their backyard.

"We take millions of pictures in my family, so now we have her face everywhere to remind us of her," Brainard said.