A millennial attached to their phone in a myriad of settings has become a tired trope of the "snowflake generation". But findings from a new survey do nothing to quell the motif, revealing some really can't put down their device - no matter how engaging the activity.

The survey, conducted by US phone accessories manufacturer SureCall, found one in six born between 1982 and 2000 admitted to having a scroll or responding to a message during sex.

Of the 1137 people surveyed, 85 per cent of millennials said they use their phone while on the toilet too. And 43 per cent say they can't take a shower without it.

But it's not just the kids of the 80s and 90s that are guilty of checking Snapchat from the loo. Seventy-eight per cent of people aged 35-51 claimed to also use their phone while on the toilet, as do 53 per cent in the 52-70 age bracket.


While these habits may be high across the age ranges, one in five surveyed believe their phone use has a negative impact on their relationships with family.