Even if you're not an alcoholic, drinking can take a heavy toll on your body.

While the occasional drink is harmless (some would say even beneficial), excessive drinking has serious consequences, affecting internal organs as well as physical appearance.

A number of internet users have shared before and after photos to document what happened to their bodies once they stopped drinking. The results are nothing short of impressive.

Reddit user ghostbackwards shared how his body transformed after just seven months without drinking.


Reddit user silverladder documented his transformation over two years with three photos that show how his body changed without alcohol.

Brittsuzanne said on Reddit she "put down the vodka" on January 6, 2016, and checked herself into rehab. She lost nearly 16kg in eight and a half months. "I feel like myself again," she added.

Reddit user size16french shared the incredible results of six months without alcohol. In the first one, he was in hospital with acute pancreatitis. The second photo, a mere half a year later, was taken right after he had finished a 33 mile (53km) bike ride, one for each year he'd been alive.

For Reddit user meatteo, there were 500 days in between these two pictures. The T-shirt that fitted tightly around his waist and neck is now loose.

Reddit user cwugirl21 posted two bikini selfies showing what three months without alcohol did to her body.

In just seven months, Reddit user cPharoah lost a drastic amount of weight by cutting out alcohol and also junk food. She also started lifting weights, which means she turned some fat into muscle.

Even if you don't think you drink too much, a break from alcohol could bring huge benefits for your body, inside and out.