Hamilton residents are being urged to reinforce to children the idea of not accepting gifts or talking to strangers after one mother reported a close call outside her daughter's school.

The mother alleges her daughter was followed and questioned by a man during her walk to school

Police confirmed they received a report of a child being approached about 8.15am on Friday morning in Fairfield, a spokeswoman said.

A man had allegedly followed an 11-year-old girl in a car in the vicinity of Fairfield Intermediate School on Friday, the mother said, in a social media post to a Hamilton buy and sell page.


It was the second time such a thing had happened in the Fairfield area in the past few days.

"Please be aware and tell your children to be safe if walking to school or from the dairy to school," the woman said.

She alleged the man had offered her daughter lollies and asked her to come over the vehicle.

Police could only confirm the one instance and were not aware of anything similar in the past 10 days.