An unnerving near miss in rural Waikato has been caught on camera.

Cambridge man Vivek Jacob was driving on Lee Martin Rd on Thursday when he turned a corner to find an oncoming car racing towards him in the 100km/h area.

The oncoming car was overtaking a truck.

"I was heading right towards the bend, but you couldn't see what was behind the bend," Jacob said.


"I had to jam on the brakes and swerve to the left but not too much because there was no gap to the left."

It was really lucky there were not any cyclists or joggers in the area at the time, he said.

"The truck on the other end also had to swerve to his left, so it was a close call."

Jacob said he knew it had been a "close call" at the time but reviewing the footage later revealed just how narrowly he had escaped a collision.

"The fact that he was doing it on a corner, where you can't really see what's coming on the other end, that's really dangerous.

"Please don't overtake on a blind corner."

The near miss happened in Tamahere about 12km from Hamilton.