Colin Miranda - a colourful character spotted in Heron Park, Avondale. "I hope he appreciates the improvement on his 'snake in the grass' look," says Claire.

Buyer beware

Julian Hughes of Rotorua went to an automotive shop and bought a H3 halogen bulb for $39.99. "I thought about the price that I had just paid, so went to a franchised spare parts [shop] nearby to price the same. Guess what? $6.04. Yep, the first one got returned. No excuses for such a massive price difference for identical products, surely?

Free groceries, with catch
Shoppers in the Danish capital will soon be able to buy groceries without paying for them - if they write a review about the products. Copenhagen's Freemarket supermarket is scheduled to open in a few days. Once customers register online, they place an order and pick everything up at the shop. But shoppers have to review their products quickly - they might have their profile shut down if they take too long, or have to pay a fine if they want it reopened. Freemarket also charges US$3.40 a month to pay for the "physical operation" and has a monthly limit of 10 products. "Experienced consumers switch off or even get angry about the commercials, ads, banners and pop-ups foisted on them," says Cutting Edge PR. "'Tryvertising' is an innovative way to reach them." (Source:


Billboard tickles funny bone
"This billboard [below] is beside the road a few kilometres east of Katikati," writes Chris Bedford. "It has been put up by Apata Coolstore near Katikati in the Bay of Plenty. There are not many billboards as clever as this one. It's great to have a billboard that is funny and informative, and it always brings a smile to my face as I drive past it. Bravo to Apata for their creativity, and their positive attitude!"

Kiwis prepare for over-zzzzs jaunt.
Local: Shortland Street had a cracker episode last night, killing off a core character with the Ebola-like virus that she'd just found the cure for, but then in the immediate aftermath digital marketing got involved. The Facebook header became a headstone: 'RIP Sara Potts 14th February 1974 - 18th August 2014' and a separate tribute page which asks viewers to 'leave your tribute to Sarah' with made-up greeting card clichés from other characters displayed to kick it off. Inevitably there was confusion on Facebook as that line between reality and fiction is blurred with commenters asks if "she really died?" and others clarifying, " no the character Sarah Potts died, not the actress." And then scrolling through #RIPsarah on Twitter ("you were my favourite doctor on Shortland Street and you will be deeply missed ") but finding the real Sarah's of the Twitterverse are being mourned under the same hashtag and their stories are more compelling because they are real.

Picture this: Have you seen New Zealand's biggest threat to national security lately?

Strange products: Hide your cords with a fake vine? Nah, doesn't do it for me...

A reader writes: "I personally only know three people aged 17-26 but you might know more!"We're looking for young men and women who are keen actors: are you Maori, PI, Indian, Asian or Pakeha, aged 17 - 26? Then we want to hear from you!"

Picture this: "Off the south coast of Iceland is a group of islands called Vestmannaeyjar. One of those islands is Ellioae, home to a single occupant: a mysterious house that sits by its lonesome with only seabirds as its neighbours." ...

Video: How drivers in Japan say thank-you...

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