Don't even try to act like you're not interested in the Ridges.

One online story on Sally and Jaime Ridge's proposed reality show attracted a staggering 600 comments, irrefutable proof that people do care - one way or the other.

Indeed, social media was ablaze over the past 10 or so days when Sally and Jaime were spotted at Ponsonby Rd celebrity hangouts SPQR and Bambina, with a film crew shooting their every move.

Of course it helps when you "film" near the studios of a radio station, allowing the increasingly popular Marc Ellis show (does he have sidekicks?) to launch in with some pre-promotion.


After all, More FM is aligned to the show's potential producers, TV3.

Could a Kardashian-style reality show actually be happening? A few conspiracy theories are doing the rounds.

My favourite is there is no reality show, and Sally and Jaime are instead filming a series of comedy sketches that poke fun at themselves for the next series of The Jono Project.

This would be comedy gold, and a very clever satire on the cult of celebrity, but the truth is Sally and Jaime are indeed filming scenes for a proposed reality show.

The pair told me that discussions have been under way for some time, and they are filming scenes for a pilot at present, which won't screen unless it becomes a series.

A TV3 source confirmed that once scenes for the pilot are completed, a decision on whether to green light a series will be made.

My guess is that the show will go ahead. Reality TV is a ratings winner, and Sally and Jaime are lightning rods for everything that we love/hate about contemporary celebrity culture.

The pair tell me the show will follow their daily lives, and they hope to include people who have supported them, such as beauty blogger Helene Ravlich (she was at the SPQR lunch as was former TrueBliss singer and TV presenter Erika Takacs), Steve Dunstan of Huffer, a friend of Sally, and rapper PNC, a friend of Jaime.

No word though on whether her A-list former partners - double international footie player Matthew Ridge and former Black Cap cricketer Adam Parore - will appear. Neither answered questions this week.

As for the kind of banter we can expect from the show? Spy's spy, a high ranking Freemason, who sat discreetly at a table next to the pair during filming at SPQR, told me that Sally and Jaime were there for a few hours drinking Veuve.

Sally told Jaime not to order champagne as it was too early, so Jaime and Sally had a "pretend" disagreement before ordering champagne anyway.

They then filmed the same disagreement all over again from a different angle. Ah, the magic of reality television.

SPQR, famous for its attentive staff, sent its two most handsome waiters to look after the table.

Spy's spy overheard staff saying they hoped that they would get a good tip, as the pair were given lots of special service and attention.

My advice to TV3 is to strike while the iron is hot. Green means go!

- Spy/Herald on Sunday