The Roy Krishna saga at the Wellington Phoenix needs to be sorted out, and quickly.

The A-League club's most dangerous attacker is off-contract at the end of the current season.

It's come to light there's a clause in his contract which says if he plays 15 games this season, he automatically triggers an extension.

Clauses like that are not uncommon – they're to inspire players to try and play as many times as they can in order to be offered a new deal.


The intent of clauses like this is to benefit and motivate the player, but there's talk the Phoenix might try to invoke the clause if Krishna plays 15 games, in effect forcing him to stay in Wellington for at least another season.

Krishna has played 13 games, but hasn't featured in the last three.

The official word is he has a hamstring injury but the Phoenix have sent him to two specialists and neither have found any sign of injury.

He was initially named in the squad for last night's game against Western Sydney, but didn't travel after complaining of muscle soreness on Thursday.

This has led to the controversial suggestion Roy Krishna is purposely sitting out games so as not to invoke the 15-game clause in his contract.

His agent Rex Dawkins has vehemently denied this and says negotiations over a new contract with the Phoenix are ongoing.

My understanding is the Phoenix have put a very, very good three-year extension in front of Krishna and Dawkins, but agreement still hasn't been reached.

So, here's what needs to happen now.

Krishna either needs to sign a new deal or decide to leave at the end of the season.

If he stays, that's great. He's a brilliant A-League striker.

If he doesn't, the Phoenix need to give him a guarantee they won't try to keep him at the club using the 15-game clause.

There are eight games left this season and while the A-League playoffs are out of the picture, there's plenty still at stake – some pride to be restored for starters.

So Roy – just decide.

If you're staying, stay.

If you're not, that's fine too.

But while you're under contract, get out there and play, because your team and its fans need you.

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