Kiwi chocolate creators Whittaker's are being praised for making "the best chocolate ever" after one of their flavours recently launched in Australia.

Whittaker's Jelly Tip is proving to be hugely popular across the ditch, with Aussies heading to the supermarket in droves to get their jelly-infused fix, according to the "Daily Mail".

The flavour is based on the favourite Kiwi ice cream and combines raspberry jelly with white and milk chocolate.

The Jelly Tip blocks finally made it to Australia last October after a relentless fan campaign.


Beauty editor Leigh Campbell dedicated an Instagram post to the mouth watering chocolate last week when she tried it for the first time.

"I can not emphasise this enough, you need to be sitting down when you try this chocolate," she wrote in the caption.

"It tastes like having sex with a Hemsworth (maybe even a couple of them) while harps are playing and angels are singing.

"It tastes like a free European holiday on a superyacht. It tastes like winning the lotto and getting a promotion and having a packet of Tim Tams that never runs out, all at once."

Leigh said she would marry the chocolate if she could and would "10/10 buy it again".

Her comments sparked the interest of her followers, with more than 500 commenting that they had to find it the next time they went grocery shopping.

One declared that she goes through two blocks of the chocolate a week.

"It tastes exactly as you just described. It's the love of my life ... my husband can work from home EVERY day and my 1-year-old can tantrum about not being able to fit her dolls shoes on her feet as long as I have this," she commented.


Another Australian influencer called it "the offspring of Top Deck and Turkish Delight", sharing that she'd received a box of blocks of the chocolate for her birthday.

"I was chair bouncing in my car over these. Best chocolate I've ever eaten. And that's a BIG CALL for a chocolate lover."

Chocolate lovers say it's best to keep the chocolate in the fridge so that the jelly doesn't melt, making it easier to eat.

The Jelly Tip blocks were previously available only in New Zealand.