It was a celebration of everything Kiwi.

From rugby balls and silver ferns to All Blacks and thermal daks, many New Zealanders took pride in memorising the classic McDonald's Kiwi Burger song.

But after 30 years since it was released into our lives, the Kiwiana tune is set to be changed.

When the song was released, New Zealand only had one website.


But given our country has evolved and grown over the past 30 years, the fast-food franchise wants to update the "unofficial Kiwi culture anthem" to represent what's new about Aotearoa.

The classic Kiwi Burger song is being changed after 30 years. Photo / McDonalds
The classic Kiwi Burger song is being changed after 30 years. Photo / McDonalds

Anika Moa and Troy Kingi will be recording the new song, with the lyrics emphasising what is relevant to Kiwis of today.

"Whether it's bungy jumping, kebabs, toi tois or Milford Sound, we want to ensure that the Kiwiburger song reflects the New Zealand of today," McDonald's NZ Head of Marketing, Jo Mitchell, said.

"It's a fine balance between what is still relevant to Kiwis today, and how far we have come as a nation in the past three decades."


"Kiwis love hot pools, rugby balls, McDonald's, snapper schools, world peace, woolly fleece, Ronald and raising beasts.

"Chilly bins, cricket wins, fast skis, golf tees, Silver Ferns, Kauri trees, Kiwiburger love one
please... McDonald's Kiwiburger. The classic New Zealand burger.

"'Cause we love All Blacks, thermal daks, egg and cheese, walking tracks, beef pattie,
marching girls, tomato, lettuce and paua shells.

"Gumboots, ponga shoots, floppy hats, kiwifruits, beetroot, Buzzy Bees, moggy cats, cabbage trees, onions, Kakapos, Kia Oras, cheerios, jandals, sandals, ketchup, Coromandel's, swanndris, butterflies, mustard, fishing flies, Hokey Pokey, Māori haka.
Kiwiburger, that's our tucker!"