The Warehouse has confirmed that its Easter chocolate stock is almost sold out after holding an outrageously cheap deal this week.

In early April this year, the retailer was concerned the sugary treats would go to waste as it was unable to sell the stock due to the alert level 4 lockdown restrictions.

However, it seems the Red Shed has been able to fix its stock issue by selling the Easter-themed treats at extremely low prices — including a whopping one cent at some stores.

The Warehouse selling all Easter chocolate stock for 1 cent
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Too soon for Easter eggs? The Warehouse doesn't think so


Ian Carter, The Warehouse executive general manager of operations, confirmed to the Herald that its Easter egg stock went into clearance yesterday and some of its stores had chocolate eggs available for 1 cent.

"There was a real sense of excitement when word got around yesterday morning," he said.

"Our chocolate eggs have almost sold out everywhere with lots of people taking advantage of the great offer.

"We have been really pleased to hear that some of our customers plan to donate the Easter eggs they purchased to local charities."

Before the retailer's stores closed for lockdown, The Warehouse asked its teams to take home Easter eggs for themselves and their families.

The Red Shed retailer has donated more than 200,000 Easter eggs to Women's Refuge and KiwiHarvest, which will work with other organisations, to be distributed along with other essential items, through several charities including the Salvation Army, Auckland City Mission, the Volunteer Student Army, Whanau Ora and several iwi organisations.

Yesterday, social media users went into a frenzy after discovering The Warehouse's one cent bargain.

"Yep grabbed a few from Birkenhead and Milford booyaaa. A trolley load and under a dollar lol (some are in boxes, takes up space that's why)," one person said on bargain hunting community website Cheapies.

The Warehouse is selling all Easter confectionery for 1 cent each. Photo / The Warehouse
The Warehouse is selling all Easter confectionery for 1 cent each. Photo / The Warehouse

Others say the deal has all but sold out the stock in the stores they've visited.

"Damn, nothing in Wellington, 7c the other day but all gone," one person said.

"I was just at Sylvia Park and there was nothing left. They did have a trolley full of these chocolates behind one of the counters but there was a long receipt on it. Maybe someone cleaned it up," someone else replied.

Another person said it was "pretty annoying", considering they had "ordered some online and they couldn't fulfill and refunded" all the Easter eggs.