The internet is having a moment of light-hearted respite after a mum's list of rules devised to keep her family from devouring her coronavirus outbreak food stockpile surfaced online.

A snap of her four-point missive was anonymously posted to an Australian parenting Facebook page – possibly in the hopes of inspiring others at their wits' end.

The neatly typed note, which was titled "New pantry rules for Coronavirusgedden", lists exactly how the mum expected her family to behave in regard to the food she has stored.

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Point one reads: "Nobody goes into the pantry for food or snacks without asking first. No willy nilly pantry visits allowed."

While the second rule said, in no uncertain terms, to not open a new box of cereal "until the old, unopened boxes are eaten and gone".

The third command decreed no food is to be eaten from the pantry unless a "piece of fruit, vegetable or yoghurt" has been eaten first.

The rules posted outside the pantry. Photo / Facebook
The rules posted outside the pantry. Photo / Facebook

However, it's the fourth rule that had people really excited:

"If anyone touches or eats my CADBURY EGGS, you're going to wish you had coronavirus and died."

Since the post was shared online, it has gathered 2500 reactions, 1600 shares and 950 comments – many from those who love the relatable idea.

One person said: "I need this for my fridge as well. My 2 and 6-year-olds go nuts on everything. I've even had to have 'the talk' to my 6-year-old about the ridiculous amount of toilet paper she uses."

While second added: "I need one of these signs. These five children of mine think it's a free for all."


A third chimed in, saying: "Rule number four is definitely a rule for us though I'd have it as number 1 cos (sic) it's the most important."

Another added: I feel like this could be put in my pantry, especially the last one."

What you need to know.
What you need to know.