When it comes to Vegemite, you either love or hate it, there is no in-between.

The most important question is: How much Vegemite do you put on your toast?

Reddit users have sparked an argument on the forum about the appropriate amount of spread that should be lathered per piece of toast, with one user providing a picture of different Vegemite amounts.

How much Vegemite do you spread on your toast? Photo / Reddit
How much Vegemite do you spread on your toast? Photo / Reddit

Judging from the large debate provoked on Reddit, there were many supporters of large amounts of the spread, with users going as far as to say "do both sides," or to "just spoon it out of the jar and into your mouth."


Other users had strong opinions that the amount of Vegemite you spread depicts the type of person you are.

"Five or six are the only acceptable answers. Everyone who chooses something else is wrong and should feel bad," one wrote.

"If you answer anything lower than a five, you should have your citizenship revoked and shipped out of here immediately," another shared.

Aside from the amount of Vegemite spread in the image, debate about the lack of butter on each piece of toast was also raised, with users agreeing that the toast needed a better Vegemite to butter ratio.

"Not buttering to the edges is sacrilege. Also, don't trust anyone who prefers anything beyond Number two," one user pointed out.