Is it pink? Or is it blue?

If you're like me and would rather know what it is you're buying instead of getting a random surprise, then this hack is perfect for you.

Chocolate-maker Whittaker's announced this week that it would be selling a new item called Coconut Ice­­ Surprise - where buyers wouldn't know if they were getting a blue or pink block until they opened it.

However, one Kiwi has taken to social media to expose Whittaker's "gender reveal surprise" secret, showing sugar lovers how to work out what colour the chocolate is before buying it.


Sharing photos of both a pink and blue bar, the budding chocolate detective has labelled which colour each one is and circled some of the ingredients.

This Kiwi has revealed how Kiwis can find out what colour the chocolate is before buying it. Photo / Facebook
This Kiwi has revealed how Kiwis can find out what colour the chocolate is before buying it. Photo / Facebook

Looking closer at the photo, you can see that the blue chocolate has spirulina concentrate, and the pink one has beetroot juice concentrate.

Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, lipids and phytochemicals

And beetroot juice concentrate is basically well, beetroot juice — the pinkish-red vegetable that many Kiwis love in their salad or burger.

"You're welcome #Science," the person wrote on Facebook.

"It only takes one person to ruin it for everyone ... be that person."

Many commented on the post saying that they had already caught on, while others were annoyed that the surprise was ruined.

"Stop ruining it for everyone!" one person wrote.


Another agreed: "Why do people need to post this though...? It's meant to be a surprise."

Either way, no matter which Whittaker's block you choose, 20 cents goes to the Kiwi charity Plunket.

Plunket chief executive Amanda Malu said: "We're delighted to have family-owned Whittaker's – an iconic Kiwi brand like Plunket – come on board as a sponsorship partner for our 'Raise a Bundle' campaign. We love the special chocolate they've created for this partnership – and it's delicious!"

The Raise a Bundle campaign aims to raise funding to enable Plunket to continue its work in the community, providing that all-important care in the first 1000 days, with Plunket nurses visiting the homes of 90 per cent of all children born in New Zealand.

Even though this campaign involves a good cause, Whittaker's has been slammed for the "gender reveal" chocolate.

The company was met by backlash from those upset by the gender binary limitations of having only pink and blue to represent the gender of their baby saying "colours are for everyone".

"Gender-reveal parties are weird because they presuppose two genders and also that you can determine a baby's gender by its genitals," one Twitter user wrote.

Another agreed: "Seriously @WhittakersNZ - this is such an antiquated and gross campaign - blue for boys and pink for girls? Yuck and yuck. What about all colours for everyone."