Has the panic set in as you realise it's Valentine's Day and you still don't have a place to take your sweetheart?

You can't possibly have a repeat of last year's two-minute noodle fiasco, but where can you go for a sure to impress Valentine's meal?

Well don't you worry your pretty little self, Canvas restaurant reviewer Kim Knight has rounded up the best spots for a romantic dinner out that are guaranteed to impress the one you love.


Charcoal is the new candlelight at this intimate Korean barbecue restaurant. Nothing says romance like raw meat and real flames. (Also, that's ginseng in the pudding).



There is a strong possibility the wait staff will be more attractive than your date. There is a strong possibility the beef tataki tostada will be more memorable than your date.

Take the risk - it's a hard road finding the perfect Peruvian-Japanese restaurant in Auckland.


An open fire. Your dinner, roasted on that open fire. Get a seat at the pass and guarantee you'll never run out of things to talk about at the city's smallest (and most interesting) high-end restaurant.


Sweets for your sweet. Channel your inner kid-in-a-candy-store and choose a cabinet cake to go.

True love is a date that gets you to the couch in time to watch Married at First Sight.

Paris Butter

It's Valentine's Day. It's French. Etc.