New Zealand has been named as one of the most affordable countries in the world to buy wine.

Ranking in 10th place, the average cost of a 750ml bottle of New Zealand wine is $15.21. In comparison, Australia was ranked 26th as the most expensive country to buy wine with an average cost of $22.76 per bottle.

According to SHAREaCAMPER's 2016 Wine Price Index New Zealander's drink an average of 25.80 litres of wine per capita annually - ranking 17th overall in the world for the most litres consumed.

Other least expensive places to buy wine included Paraguay, followed by Serbia, Czech Republic and Argentina. Panama, Malta and Turkey also made the list, with Bulgaria and Nepal falling in eighth and ninth place.


Luxembourg was found to be the country consuming the most wine per capita annually at 61.30 litres, followed by Portugal at 55.40 and France at 53.60 litres.

SHAREaCAMPER chief executive Florian Dahlmann said wine tourism was connecting travellers with local culture and was a great source of wonderful memories.

"It may be the romantic or the relaxing aspects of the drink, but we see a consistent and growing number of our travellers picking wineries as a premier destination."

The United Arab Emirates was named as one of the top five most expensive countries to buy wine at $53.93 per bottle, followed by Singapore at $53.26, Maldives at $49.59, Israel and South Korea.

South Africa was found to be the country with the most affordable imported wine at $8.40 and Nepal was named the country with the most affordable local wine at $7.17 per bottle.

Ten most affordable countries to buy wine in: