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There's a celebratory feel to this week's Bite magazine. Warren is honouring one of his favourite winter fruits, the grapefruit, and I have grand plans to incorporate his grapefruit mousse, cake, marinade and curd into celebratory occasions I have coming up this month. Because we made a fair few batches to arrive at just the right grapefruit curd recipe I there was plenty sitting in the fridge to cater to a recent flurry of house guests - it gave me domestic goddess status each time I served it. The Vogel's was transformed for breakfast and my winter pavlova will now always be covered in whipped cream and drizzled generously with grapefruit curd. I also made this apple and lemon slice - replacing the lemon zest and curd for grapefruit.

Nadia Lim is celebrating what we've been referring to as "hated foods". We both enjoy our tofu and brussels sprouts but understand many of you would rather avoid them; however, you'd be a fool to miss out on enjoying her agedashi sesame tofu with shiitake mushrooms and brussels sprout, apple and sesame Asian slaw..

Bevan Smith has also picked up on the brassicas theme and is pairing his with duck - which is a sure-fire way to put the celebration into any winter's day.

Take your pick from quick duck soup, roast duck, or Thai duck salad. Sachie Nomura goes Indian with her tofu and makes a spinach-filled saag with roti. But first up there's dinner tonight - celebrate Monday with Kathy Paterson's venison burger. Here's to winter. Jo Elwin Bite Editor

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