The man infamously dubbed "hot felon" and his Topshop heiress fiancee Chloe Green have reportedly had a very public "tearful bust-up" - and Green is now said to be stepping out without her engagement ring.

According to a family source who spoke to the Daily Mail, Green and Meeks's row happened while the pair were on holiday in Dubai. After dinner at the local Cavalli Club, 36-year-old Meeks stormed out of the venue, leaving new mum, Green, tearful and alone. Green then jetted to Monaco solo, and Meeks has since been spotted partying it up in LA.

Green, 27, has since posted two recent photos on her Instagram without her engagement ring, something sources note as a clear sign that the 18-month relationship is under strain.

Chloe's large ring has been noticeably absent in recent sightings. Photo / Getty Images
Chloe's large ring has been noticeably absent in recent sightings. Photo / Getty Images

The public row reportedly took place in February 19


Speaking to MailOnline, the source said: "These ups and downs are part of every relationship but they are usually settled, particularly when one of the parties is worth so much money. I expect them to sort it out."

A partygoer who witnessed the spat alleged the couple were sitting at a table with Mohammed Hadid, smiling for cameras. But it appeared things became tense between the recent parents as the night went on.

"Jeremy was in his element," they said. "The real life and soul of the party and socialising with the other guests. Chloe was barely noticeable and in his shadows most of the night.

"They were all smiles posing for the pictures for the photographers but things turned sour later in the night.

"They were spotted having a heated exchanged and Jeremy walked out of the club without Chloe.

"You couldn't hear what they were saying but it was obvious they were having a row from their body language. Chloe tried to shrug it off but you could see she was upset and she left with a friend shortly after.

"She had her engagement ring on in Dubai and now it's clearly missing from her Instagram shots. In one photo she is displaying both of her hands in a clear message to him that their relationship is in trouble."

The source believes the pair are now spending time a part as they figure out the next step.

"Chloe was very upset and hurt by what happened in Dubai and is trying to work out what she wants."

The source also claimed: "They aren't engaged and they never have been. There are no plans to get married."

The couple share one child together, Jayden Meeks-Green, while Jeremy has a 10-year-old son, Jeremy Meeks Jr. back home in America with his estranged wife, Melissa.