Under pressure for quick answers from a group of 10-year-olds today, John Key revealed that his dream job is as a butcher, he prefers TV1 to TV3, and that "a lot of free food'' is a major perk of being Prime Minister.

Mr Key was interviewed by a group of year six students during a visit to Lower Hutt's Eastern Hutt School this afternoon, and answered a range of questions stretching from his exercise regime, to what he carries in his pockets at all times.

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of his job, Mr Key said he got to do quite a lot of "cool things''.

"In about three weeks I'm going to London for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and I'm going on the boat with the Queen ... and I get to have lots of free food,'' he told the students.


Seated on the school's auditorium stage and surrounded by cross-legged children, Mr Key might have looked like a teacher, but he said that if he wasn't Prime Minister his dream job was to be either a butcher or an airline pilot.

The children were notably impressed by Mr Key's description of his typical day, which he said began with a run at about 5.45am.

"I take my police officers with me, but they're a bit soft so sometimes they can't keep up,'' Mr Key joked.

As he went on to describe the various media interviews, visits and meetings he had attended today, one girl responded simply with "Wow''.

Mr Key also revealed that he always carried cash in his pocket, and that he preferred dancing to singing because he "couldn't sing to save myself''.

A series of "quick-fire'' questions had the potential to land the Prime Minister in some trouble, particularly in the moment when he chose TVNZ over TV3 with an explanation that TV3 had treated him badly the previous night.

He received great support from his audience when he chose North Island over South Island, and McDonald's over Burger King -- "Happy Meal, you know''.

The answers that seemed to divide the children, were his preference of Superman over Batman, and his choice to get up early rather than sleep in.