Lili Reinhart has insisted she's "incredibly grateful" for her job, after she claimed returning to film 'Riverdale' made her feel "like a prisoner".

The 23-year-old actress recently lamented having to head to Canada to resume filming the CW drama - which shut down earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic - because the strict safety precautions put in place will mean she's unable to leave Canada and visit her family for Thanksgiving in November.

But now, the actor has insisted her words were "taken out of context", as she says she didn't mean to slam 'Riverdale' itself, but was merely expressing her upset at having to leave her family for "months on end".

She wrote on Twitter: "Love it when my words are taken out of context YET AGAIN. I'm not complaining about going back to work, I'm incredibly grateful to have a job. I'm sad that I can't see my family for months on end due to travel restrictions. FFS, leave me alone
"No wonder people think I'm this pissed off girl all the time. I annoy myself having to speak up about this (sic)"


In her original comments, Lili said it "doesn't feel good" to be forced to stay in Canada because of travel restrictions, and said the situation was "f*****".

She told Nylon magazine: "I genuinely feel like a prisoner, going back to work, because I cannot leave Canada. That doesn't feel good. You can't go home for Thanksgiving, can't visit your family. No one can come visit you unless they quarantine for two weeks. It just feels f*****."

Lili also told the outlet she "felt very lost" at the start of the health crisis because of her ongoing battle with depression and anxiety.

She added: "I felt very sad and hopeless, because of personal things that were happening in my life. Instead of distracting myself, f****** random people and doing drugs and drinking my problems away, I chose the harder route, which was to not distract myself.

I was like, 'I'm not doing that. I'm going to go through the next however many months of s***, pure s***, awful, crying every day, but the necessary work.'"