Hilary Barry's formal Friday was a lockdown staple earlier in the year, and now the Seven Sharp presenter is back with more cheer.

Barry hosted a baking live on her Facebook page this morning, entertaining followers with her skills.

"I know it's only level 3 lockdown, but it feels like lockdown, so why not bring back formal Friday?" she said.

The dress she wore was what she had planned to wear to the Sol3 Mio concert at Spark Arena, which has been postponed.


Barry says if level 3 is extended today, she plans to carry on with the "baking malarkey".

"It seems to have cheered a lot of people up, and you know what? It gives me something to do too."

Hilary Barry is brining back #FormalFriday while Auckland is in lockdown. Photo / Hilary Barry
Hilary Barry is brining back #FormalFriday while Auckland is in lockdown. Photo / Hilary Barry

She showed her followers how to make "the epitome of comfort eating", a version of a caramel slice. Great choice Hil Baz.

"It's going straight to the hips, but who cares, because as far as I'm concerned lockdown is all about the comfort eating."

Yesterday, Barry announced the return of #FormalFriday on her social media accounts.

"Just like Covid #formalfriday is making a comeback!!" she wrote on Twitter.

"Even if you're not in the lockdown zone you can show your solidarity by slapping on your Sunday best and sharing a pic tomorrow. I'm resurrecting the live baking on Facebook too, 10am be there or be square."

Barry launched the "Formal Friday" trend last lockdown, which went viral when she posted a photo of herself in a gown while working from home at the start of lockdown.


From then on, thousands of other New Zealanders responded every week with photos of their formal outfits on Fridays.

Across social media, New Zealanders thanked Barry for getting them out of their trackpants, and in particular applauded her decision to end her last Formal Friday with a gender non-binary look.