Coast Breakfast's Toni Street says it's "the best news ever" that co-host Sam Wallace is expecting twins with his partner.

Wallace shared a hilarious clip of Street reacting to the news on Instagram as he showed her the baby scan on his phone.

And it was only when she zoomed in that she realised there were two babies in the scan.

"How are you having identical twins? I cannot believe it!" she gushed.


"I'm so grateful for the friendship I share with @tonimstreet and sharing this news shows just how great she is!" Wallace wrote.

Wallace announced the exciting news on air yesterday morning.

He told the Herald about the moment he found out at the 12-week scan with his partner Sarah Bowman, 37.

"We were trying for a second baby and we went to the scan, and the lady asks, 'has there been anything different about this pregnancy?'"

Brando will soon be a big brother to twins. Photo / Sylvie Whinray
Brando will soon be a big brother to twins. Photo / Sylvie Whinray

"And my partner Sarah said, 'yeah, I'm feeling twice as sick as last time'."

The genders are staying secret for now, but Street will be first to know, and she's in charge of the gender reveal. Until then, the news is staying in a sealed envelope.

"I've got a boy so it would be amazing to have two girls," Wallace says.

"That's the perfect family but all I really want is us to have healthy twins and I really don't care if I've got three boys.


"We'd be on our way to my starting five basketball team, and we'd have some pretty amazing motocross days but yeah, the perfect balance would be a couple of girls as well."

The twins are due in February next year.