Two YouTubers have gone viral with a video of themselves listening to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" for the first time.

Tim and Fred Williams, 21, from Indiana, often share videos of their reaction listening to classic songs for the first time but had never achieved the popularity they did when they released their reaction to Collins last week.

The video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times to date.

In it, the two brothers play the classic 1981 track and record their reaction as they hear it for the first time.


It is clear Collins impressed them from the start and their facial expressions and comments have led people to share their video worldwide.

Tim says the intro to the song sounds like "a rain entrance or something" and believes the track would work well as "a WWE entrance".

"I can see somebody walking down to the ring with this," he says.

When the iconic drumbeat kicks in, the boys are truly sold on the track - but it still manages to draw a hilarious reaction.

For Fred, it's like Phil Collins thought people were "sleeping on him" and he had to "wake them up".

"I gotta download this to my phone," he adds.

"That was cool how he did that. I ain't gonna lie. You got me on that," Tim replies.

The twin brothers' reaction to the song has gone viral. Photo / YouTube
The twin brothers' reaction to the song has gone viral. Photo / YouTube

"Okay, Phil. Man killed it, bro," Fred said at the end of the song. "That song was cool. I ain't gonna lie."


"Shout out to all the Phil fans," his brother Tim added. "Y'all didn't prepare us for that."

The brothers' reaction quickly went viral and has been described as "absolute gold".

"These guys reacting to Phil Collins is everything I needed to see right now," one person commented, reflecting what many others echoed as well.

Speaking with People magazine in June, the brothers, who already had a big following on YouTube before this video, explained Tim came up with the idea while Fred was away studying at Indiana State University.

The two boys, now 21, say music has always been an important part of their life, and they used it as an escape when their family members struggled with drug addiction and their mother was in prison for drug offences.

Proud mother Tiffany King-Richardson has been out of prison and off drugs for 11 years and says her sons sometimes work with her at Edgewater Health in Indiana, helping people who are struggling with substance abuse.