The Green Party has responded to a Kiwi comedian's claim she was removed as MC for the campaign launch, labelling it as "miscommunication".

Matafeo tweeted this morning that she was asked to step down from MCing the Green Party campaign launch.

"Feel incredibly disappointed to be asked to step down from MCing the Green Party campaign launch, apparently at the request of one of their MPs. I have no relationship with this person, so am feeling a little confused," she wrote.

In a statement to the Herald, a Green Party spokesperson says Golriz Ghahraman was not involved with the decision.


Ghahraman is in a relationship with NZ comedian Guy Williams, who Matafeo once dated.

"MPs aren't involved in organising party events or arranging speakers," a party spokesperson said.

"Unfortunately, this seems to be the result of a miscommunication within the party. We are more than happy to discuss this with Ms Matafeo personally."

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In her earlier tweets, Matafeo attached a screenshot of an email she wrote claiming it was Ghahraman who asked her to step down as MC. She wrote she had reached out last week to find out why she was asked to step down.

"Yesterday I was notified I have been asked to step down as an MC at the upcoming Green Party launch, at the request of Golriz.

"I'm unsure why this request was made, as I have had very little interaction with Golriz in the past few years," she wrote.

Matafeo then appeared to hint at the fact she may have been removed as speaker due to previous ties with Williams and Ghahraman: "The only possible reason it could be is so petty I wouldn't dream of suggesting it."

Following up her posts on Twitter this morning, Matafeo shared a petition from the Green Party calling for support for their Poverty Action Plan.


"This makes me feel happy and hopeful."