Things are getting very tense between Guy Sebastian and Kelly Rowland on The Voice Australia.

The two stars have clashed on several occasions already this season, and they're set to have another massive fight in tonight's episode.

In a clip provided exclusively to before tonight's episode, an upset Kelly storms off the set after a verbal stoush with Guy.

Tonight's episode features "The Battles", where the coaches put two of their own team members against each other to sing the same song together in front of the studio audience.


Once the coach has picked their favourite and sent that singer through to the next round, the other coaches have an opportunity to use one of only two "saves" they each have, to pick up the singer that was eliminated.

The drama between Kelly and Guy appears to take place after Mongolian throat singer Bukhu Ganburged and Johnny Manuel, both from Team Guy, take each other on in a "Battle".

Both Kelly and Delta Goodrem take issue with the performance, forcing Guy to step in and defend his team members.

"I think these guys are deflated because we've just seen something so beautiful and I'm so disappointed for you guys that it's turned into a circus," the Aussie star says.

Delta replies: "This was about choosing a song where it didn't feel fair ... that was all."

Kelly, who has previously accused Guy of cheating this season, adds: "It was a battle. Rules break all the time. Maybe this is something new and if it is, then we'll gladly embrace it, but we have to do every other battle the same way."

The comment angers Guy who hits back at Kelly, but the Destiny's Child star isn't in the mood for a fight and storms off the set.

"I'm not gonna go back and forth with you, Guy, I'm not doing this," she says in a huff as she walks backstage.


Guy responds sarcastically by saying: "Oh, because a walk-off does heaps. What's a walk-off gonna do? It's so disrespectful!"

Kelly fires back from backstage, yelling: "No you're disrespectful, you're disrespectful! In that case don't put them together!"

Johnny Manuel is one of the favourites to win The Voice this season. He previously appeared on America's Got Talent in 2017 and represented Bulgaria at Eurovision in 2018.