Netflix New Zealand has warned customers about price hikes coming to their next bill.

This month, those who are using the popular streaming service have been told prices for their "Standard" plan would be increasing to $16.99.

In November last year, the company made an announcement revealing the cost of the "Standard" monthly subscription was rising $2 a month, from $14.99 to $16.99, in December.

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However, some Kiwi customers are only being charged for the increase this month.

In the email, it reminds customers that the price for their plan is increasing.

"Why? Because we're hard at work improving Netflix so that you can have even more great TV shows and movies to enjoy," the email reads.

This price hike sees the once-affordable streaming service surge to the top of the heap as the most expensive.

It's standard subscription is now $4 more per month than the same from its closest competitor.

At launch in 2015 Netflix's standard package price was just $9.99 per month, making the new increase a whopping 70 per cent increase from that original launch price.

In comparison, a subscription to Spark's Lightbox platform, home of premium heavy hitters like The Handmaid's Tale and Mr Robot, is only $12.99 per month, although movies are only offered via online rental.

Meanwhile, Sky's Neon, which offers blockbuster movies as well as premium TV shows is now just $13.95 per month, following a dramatic price cut in September.


And, the streaming platform Disney + that was introduced last year has a tiny monthly fee of $9.99 and offers comprehensive range of Disney classics.