Home and Away fans are questioning why Channel 7 cut lesbian kissing scenes from the Australian version of the show, while the network says it was a mistake.

Romantic scenes between characters Alex Neilson and Willow Harris were shown on New Zealand television but not in Australia, according to ABC News.

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Fans started to notice the differences in November and took to social media to protest.


One scene shown in New Zealand sees Alex kiss girlfriend Willow as they sit in a bar, before she goes to order drinks.

But the Australian version has Alex walk off to buy drinks without the kiss.

Other moments cut from the episodes include a long and emotional speech and more kissing.

In a statement Channel 7 said it had put the wrong versions of the episodes on air in Australia, putting it down to "human error".

"As with any television show, numerous changes are made throughout the post-production process all the way up until final broadcast."

Channel 7 said its Aussie online streaming service 7Plus would be updated to "reflect the final versions of those episodes".

Aussie YouTuber Alex Shillington, who has talked about the relationship between Willow and Alex on her channel, said Channel 7's explanation seemed "weird".

"I would genuinely love for there to be a decent reason that is not them just censoring it," she said.


"There are a lot of questions and that doesn't answer any of them."

The couple are hugely popular with fans of the show.

"Alex and Willow are beautiful, sweet together and renewed interest in [Home and Away]" wrote one Twitter user.

"Let's face it Aussie, you needed to up your game on gay rights, us Kiwis are way ahead."