Actress Kim Fields recalled the "embarrassing moment" when she had a wardrobe malfunction on the set of Will Smith's '90s hit The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

In the episode, Smith's character sets up a fake wedding with Field's character Monique so that she will sleep with him. In one scene, Fields had to quickly change from her bridal skirt and jacket to her honeymoon get-up off-camera, according to The New York Post.

The 50-year-old actress recently told the Chicago Tribune: "So I was going into the little fake bathroom on the set to do the quick change while Will was doing his quick change on camera, where he's ripping off his clothes and throwing shoes and just going a million miles an hour to get ready for what's supposed be our honeymoon night.

"And he kept getting faster and faster with the wardrobe change.


"After we did a few takes, the costumier said, 'You know, it'll buy me some time if we don't button the skirt, if you just zip it up'. The skirt had a zipper, then a button at the top. And I said, 'OK'. And on the next take, we didn't button the skirt, we just zipped it."

This is when things went south ...

Kim Fields at the 47th Annual International Emmy Awards. Photo / Getty Images
Kim Fields at the 47th Annual International Emmy Awards. Photo / Getty Images

"So Will and I are doing our dialogue right before I leave to do this quick change. And all of a sudden I feel this draft around my legs and I'm like, 'Why is it so cold all of a sudden?'

"And I looked down and my skirt had fallen completely around my ankles. It was gone. There was no moment of I feel it slipping and I can catch it. Oh, no. It was gone. Around my ankles. And thank God I'm so short that the blazer that I was wearing covered my, uh, my treasure."

Fields noted the whole thing hapened on camera but was only included in the bloopers portion of that episode, which ran during the credits.

Luckily, Will Smith reacted like a gentleman and the two laughed about the whole thing backstage.

"Will, bless his heart, after he laughed and I looked down and I screamed and squealed, he was such a wonderful gentleman that he put his hands up and walked towards the camera to cover the lens, like don't-look-at-her kind of thing as I went racing out," she said.

The lesson she learned? "Button up your damn clothes," she laughed.