Kanye West has been ordered to stop building work at his Wyoming ranch.

West had submitted documents to build a 70,684sq ft amphitheatre in the grounds of his Monster Lake estate but officials told him to get workers to stand down because he broke ground without a permit.

Park County Wyoming Planner Joy Hill told TMZ the 42-year-old rapper, who has four children with Kim Kardashian West, was asked to stop work when county officials visited the site after the building permit application was submitted. But subsequent visits to the ranch showed the construction team had ignored the order and continued to work.

West's proposed "meditation space" was listed for discussion at a meeting for the Park County Planning and Zoning Commission earlier this week but the topic was dropped from the agenda because, just a few hours before the discussion was scheduled, Kanye's team notified the commission he was changing the intended purpose of the site to residential use.


He will now receive a letter telling him to end construction and he will need to submit a new building permit application.

West recently splashed out on another Wyoming property, the Bighorn Mountain, for US$14.5 million, just two months after buying Monster Lake Ranch.

However, his wife Kim isn't keen on the "simple housing" and, although she enjoys visiting it for a vacation, doesn't want to live there permanently.

A source said recently: "Kim is definitely not moving and living fulltime in Wyoming right now. Kim likes visiting Wyoming, but she sees it more like a vacation place. It's very quiet and private.

"Every time they go, they enjoy it. But they are usually comfortable in luxury housing. The ranch only has simple housing. It's mostly cabins with no amenities at all. Kim just isn't a fan of the cabins. There are many things that need to happen before she and the kids can spend more time there.

"Kim has a whole list of things. They would need to build a house so everyone can be comfortable. And now, when everyone knows Kanye bought the ranch, there needs to be an elaborate security system put in."

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