New information has come to light that Britney Spears' infamous breakdown in 2007 may have worse than anyone realised.

A new documentary set to be released on Sunday called Britney Spears – Breaking Point shows that Spears life may have been in danger, stating that bodyguards meant to protect her instead broke her privacy and accepted bribes from paparazzi in exchange for exclusive access to her.

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Esther Tognozzi, the owner of the salon in which Spears shaved her head, has spoken out about the events of the night, revealing that one of the bodyguards that accompanied her continuously opened the blinds to let the wad of paparazzi outside snap photos of her shaving her hair.


Tognozzi recalls telling the bodyguard who kept opening the blinds that "nobody's over there, why do you keep opening the blinds?"

She found out days later that the reason why was because there was secretly a photographer hiding there that the bodyguard was communicating with to get photos of Spears' meltdown.

"She had two bodyguards supposedly keeping an eye out to make sure the paparazzi were not getting any pictures," she says.

Britney Spears on the front cover of Daily Mirror newspaper following her infamous hair shaving incident. Photo / Supplied
Britney Spears on the front cover of Daily Mirror newspaper following her infamous hair shaving incident. Photo / Supplied

Tognozzi was cleaning her salon at the end of the day when flashes of light caught her attention. She thought immediately something bad had happened and that it was police or ambulance lights.

"We looked out and it's a bunch of white lights flashing and somebody knocked on the door because we always keep the door locked saying: Hey, open the door, Britney Spears wants to come in," she recalls.

She asked Spears what she can do for her, to which she replied "I want to shave my hair off." Tognozzi attempted to talk her out of it but was unsuccessful.

Tognozzi's phone was going off as she was meant to meet with her brother before Spears and her entourage came in. She stepped away to take the phone call and when she came back she found Spears in a chair with half her hair buzzed off.

"She was happy", recalls Tognozzi and says that the singer proceeded to say "My mum is going to be p***ed".


Dance studio boss Robert Barker told The Mirror that Jamie Spears is the probably the reason why she's still alive.

"Her dad stepped in and gave her the help she needed. If he hadn't, things could have been very different. I don't think she would still be with us today," says Barker.

Recently the singer has had turmoil with her father Jamie and ex-husband Kevin Federline. Jamie allegedly put his hands on son Sean, with law enforcement saying Jamie felt unsafe so Federline obtained a restraining order against Jamie for himself, and sons Sean and Jayden.

Spears has since lost 20 per cent of her custody time with her sons and is now sharing 70-30 custody with Federline and Jamie has since stepped down as her conservator after the allegations made against him.