The moment we've all been waiting for is here. After all the rumours and petitions and tears on our pillows, our lords and saviours My Chemical Romance have returned from the music-grave!

It's been six years since the band "went on hiatus" (See: broke our hearts) but today, MCR have announced on Twitter that they are reuniting and will return for a show this December.

Here's the bad news: That show is in Los Angeles.

But here's the good news: You can sure as hell bet a reunion of this magnitude will not stop at one show and I'm hedging my bets on a new summer album and/or a reunion tour.


Is it a stretch to hope that tour will make it all the way to New Zealand? Probably. But we can hope!

The band has been teasing this announce for a hot minute, first changing their social media profile images to a candle, then posting stories on a new band Instagram account.

The news also comes soon after Joe Jonas went ahead and dropped a major spoiler, telling KISS Breakfast that MCR were rehearsing next to them while they were in New York.

At the time, guitarist Frank Lero well and truly denied the claim - "I think they're trying to rebrand their band as a real rock band and they're trying to mention as many rock bands and trying to get, like, synonymous with other things" - but the slip up was too natural to be a lie and honestly, fans - and by "fans", I mean "I" - have been waiting for the confirmation ever since.

Now that we've got it, the internet has been flooded with excitement while we all clutch at our newly awakened 16-year-old hearts.