Where words fail, music speaks.

Those words could not be any truer on this occasion, where a woman was spotted using sign language to sing to a young deaf girl at a recent Stan Walker concert.

The beautiful moment was captured by a friend of the singer's, Fender Maeva, and posted on Instagram after the Kiwi star's show in Christchurch two weeks ago.


The woman - understood to be the little girl's mother - is seen singing and signing the words to Walker's song Thank You as he belts it out on stage behind them.

"I managed to capture this special moment at Stan Walker's concert,'' Maeva says on the post.

A woman uses Sign Language to sing a Stan Walker song to a young girl in front of her. Image / Fender Ibanez
A woman uses Sign Language to sing a Stan Walker song to a young girl in front of her. Image / Fender Ibanez

"While Stan's singing thank you to his mum, there's another mum in the crowd getting the message across to her child via sign language.''

Walker wrote the song in honour of his own mother.

The woman in the video is captured as she sings the words to the hit's chorus: "You've never run out of love."

She brings her hands to her heart and points to the little girl as she sings the next few lines: "There's no other words to say but I love you. So I'm-a say thank you. Just know it will never, no never be enough.''

The singer told the Herald he was humbled after seeing it.

"As an artist and performer, you always want the experience you create to be felt and shared,'' he said.


"I was so humbled by this beautiful footage. It reminds me of the privilege being on stage gives - the chance to share love.''

Deaf Aotearoa chief executive Lachlan Keating said it was a beautiful story.

"We really enjoy seeing these stories like these where through sign language deaf people are getting more access to things such as concerts and information and museums, and all the opportunities hearing people access.

Keating said it was becoming more common to have interpreters at concerts which was great to see.

"I personally saw one at the Foo Fighters in Boston about four years ago with one."

It is not known whether the singer has been in touch with the woman and girl in the video.

However, many other fans commented on the post saying they too had been touched when they realised what she was doing at the concert.

"Was so incredible to watch,'' one said.

"That is so beautiful,'' another wrote.