A beauty blogger named Sonia Ali has shocked the internet with her scarily similar looks to Kim Kardashian.

Sonia Ali runs the Instagram account @soniaxfyza with her sister, Fyza, where they show off flawless beauty looks for their one million followers.

Many fans have pointed out that Sonia is the spitting image of Kim Kardashian, one of the world's most famous media personalities.

"U literally look like Kim's twin, man," one Instagram user commented on Sonia's selfie.

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it’s october 3rd 💖

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"I genuinely thought it was Kim," another revealed.

Other fans of the blogger sisters have said that Sonia's sister Fyza shares a similar resemblance to Kim Kardashian's younger sister Kylie Jenner.

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I ended Leo szn 🦁

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It comes at no shock to the sisters that people have commented on the similarities between them and the Kardashians where they posted a series of images recreating a "Kim Kardashian makeup look."

"Thank you for the feedback on the Kim K makeup look I recreated on Sonia! Which other celebrity looks would you like me to recreate on her? Fyz," Fyza Ali said in a post.''

The sisters maintain that in the Middle East
The sisters maintain that in the Middle East "every single woman has a Kardashian look". Photo / Instagram

The sisters have also publicly shared that the Kim Kardashian look in the Middle East is frequent among women.

"In the Middle East, every single woman has a 'Kardashian look.' It's very common," Sonia Ali told Refinery 29 back in 2017.

"People here aren't shocked by how we look because everyone has dark skin, dark brows, and brown eyes. Every corner you turn, everyone looks like a Kardashian."