British actor Tom Hiddleston reportedly made a female audience member orgasm twice during his new Broadway show.

The Night Manager star is appearing in Harold Pinter's Betrayal, a sexy drama centred around infidelity, at the Bernard B Jacobs theatre.

A theatregoer took to a popular Broadway message board to share the saucy tale, reporting that while they had seen many strange occurrences during shows, the behaviour of the audience member in their row left them "speechless".

"My friend and I were in Row B, seats 1-3 in the Jacobs. there were two seats in front of us, both occupied, and two seats to the left of us -- only the one next to my companion was occupied, by a young woman in her early thirties, who was very well dressed and coiffed," they wrote.


"We thought the strangest thing that was going to happen was a cell phone going off in the first four seconds of the show, but no.

"We both started noticing that every time Tom Hiddleston said something provocative, our row mate would let out a large laugh, somewhat out of cadence with the rest of the audience.

"A little further into the play (there is no intermission) she changed positions so that she was facing sideways in her seat with her body facing us and her head turned toward the stage (we initially assumed that she was uncomfortable in the seat). Not long thereafter, I could hear and my companion could feel a rhythmic banging against his armrest, punctuated by occasional low moans and giggles."

The audience member (dramatic recreation). Photo / Supplied
The audience member (dramatic recreation). Photo / Supplied

"The rhythmic banging got faster and faster, until finally there was one slightly louder 'Ha' and she resumed normal seat position, put her head back and closed her eyes."

As the show reached its climax and Hiddleston passionately kissed co-star Zawe Ashton, the woman went at it again, letting out another 'Ha' before falling asleep.

The poster reported that she woke up for the bows, clapping enthusiastically before leaving the theatre quickly.

The tale went viral, attracting the attention of Hiddleston's Avengers co-star Chris Pratt, who wrote: "That's a pretty damn good review if you ask me @twhiddleston".

The original poster was full of praise for the show, but issued a note of caution: "By the way, the show really was wonderful and the cast first rate. But you might want to avoid seat B-3."