Amid reports of the end of moviegoing and the dominance of Disney, New York Times critics look at Hollywood's half-empty, half-full glass.

Louis Lumière supposedly said that the "cinema is an invention without a future."

If you read recent headlines from Hollywood and beyond, you might agree, even though Lumière, one of the pioneers of the medium, made his prediction in 1895. The movies have teetered on the edge of one kind of oblivion or another ever since.

In 1957, Manny Farber wrote that "the mess we are facing in movies and other media promises to be the worst era


Bad: Disney is still dominant

Good: Other studios are acting like indies


Bad: Netflix is keeping us on the couch

Good: We're going out to the movies

Bad: The industry is still mostly white and male

Good: There are encouraging signs of change

Bad: Ahem

(Mostly) Good: Hey!