Three of the four couples competing in The Block TV show have gone home with nothing as two apartments failed to sell and one only just met reserve.

Wellington couple Lisa Ridout-Gordon and Christopher Gordon (Ribz) took out The Block NZ: Firehouse, with their Apartment 2 selling for $50,000 over the reserve price of $1.34 million.

They received $100,000 for the win plus the $50,000 profit.

However, two of the apartments did not meet reserve, meaning for those contestants the 12 weeks of gruelling work might have been in vain.


Stacy Heyman and Adam Middleton's Apartment 1 was passed in at $1.46m, and Sophia and Mikaere's penthouse, Apartment 4, was passed in at $1.455m.

Meanwhile Ethan Ordish and Sam Whatarangi's Apartment 3 just reached reserve at $1.39m, meaning they will receive no money for their efforts.

They did win the People's Choice Award though, which included a Suzuki S-Cross Prestige.

The property, 516 New North Rd, was bought by the show for $2.67m in 2017.

one roof

The four teams worked over the past 12 weeks to convert the former Kingsland fire station in central Auckland into apartments.

After tonight's results were announced people were quick to take to social media to voice their opinions.

Many commented the result highlighted the state of the Auckland property "bubble", and that the reserves were too high.

"Nothing tells us that the absurd speculative property bubble has finally popped in Auckland quite like the astounding failure of The Block tonight."


Some reflected on the 2017 series, when in a shambolic finale, winners Andy and Nate looked mortified as they took the top prize after their house was initially passed in at the live auction.

Fellow contestants Stace and Yanita were in tears after having victory snatched from their grasp. And brothers Ling and Zing looked about as happy as you'd expect walking away with $500 each for their three months of work.

OneRoof editor Owen Vaughan said this series of The Block was always going to be a hard ask, given there had been a bit of a "slow down" in the Auckland market.

The show not being quite as exciting as in the past could also be a contributing factor, he said.

Reserves of around $1.4m to $1.5m were not too high for Kingsland, but with a lot of other "prestige apartments" coming on the market there was increasing competition, he said.

"It is not a wild number, but obviously what the buyer saw and what the contestants were looking for didn't match up."

In last year's series all contestants made a profit, thanks in large part to significantly lower reserve prices than 2017. That season was won by Amy and Stu of Gisborne, who scored $169,500 after selling their home for $1,009,500.

Ben and Tom came in second, netting a $57,000 profit after selling for $987,000, then Claire and Agni netted $30,000 after selling for $950,000, and Chlo and Em netted $11,500 after selling at $921,500.