If Miley Cyrus has a broken heart, you can't tell from her Instagram feed.

The 26-year-old pop star, who announced her separation from husband Liam Hemsworth less than a week ago, has definitely never been shy about showing some serious skin.

But as she enjoyed a post-split vaycay to Italy, she's taken her signature style to another level with a series of sexy images.

Since news broke her seven month marriage was over, Miley has been on a posting spree, beginning with a video of her twerking her booty and shaking her hips in a tiny white bikini, paired with giant gold mirrored aviator shades, layered necklaces and stacks of bracelets.


She captioned the clip, "rock the boat" โ€” perhaps an indication her seemingly carefree attitude to life may not prove popular with everyone.

Her fans lapped it up, telling the former Disney star she looked "amazing" despite the fact that being freshly single automatically meant her life should falling apart around her.

"This is everything," one person said.

"Heartbreak looks good on you," another wrote.

There were also thousands of comments from people weighing in on her marriage woes (who definitely don't deserve air time), which is probably why Miley continued hitting them with stunning selfies.

Next up, she teased her 97.5 million followers with an underboob-baring white crop top and matching jeans anchored with several gold vintage Gucci belts that she wore with a giant bling-tastic Chanel logo necklace, a matching vintage jacket from the luxury label and a pair of black and gold Versace sandals. It's definitely an outfit that demands attention and screams, "I don't give a f**k".

"Good for you Miley," one follower wrote underneath, basically summing up everyones thoughts.

After that the itsy, bitsy white bikini was back in a video showing Miley emerging from a pool with a Hollowood worthy head tilt. Despite constant reports of a various reasons for the breakdown of her ten-year relationship to Byron Bay native, Liam โ€” Miley appeared to be loving life.


There appeared to be a power pose at play after that, with the Malibu singer oozing confidence in a black studded crop top and pants outfit, that also featured lots of belts.

As she posed on steps in the ensemble and sipped on a glass of champagne, Miley looked as if she hadn't a care in the world.

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Throne ๐Ÿ‘‘

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And on the controversial day she was spotted kissing Kaitlynn Carter, the singer wore a black Versace bikini set that cost $430 along with the brand's "Palazzo Medusa" $590 pool slides. Her "Medusa Biggie" sunnies were expensive too, costing $435 โ€” while her Versace beach towel would set you back nearly 700 bucks. But bloody heck, she looked fab โ€” certainly not your usual 'I've just split up with my husband vibe, which for most people involves eating ice cream and pizza in your trackies while sobbing uncontrollably (or is that just me?)

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So much Versacheeeeee @versace ๐Ÿ–ค

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Her final #whatheartbreak outfit, was a pair of Nike sweat pants and matching crop top that showed off her epic physique. Was it an attempt to show Liam just what he's missing? Who knows. But she definitely captured the attention of her fans.

"Damn gurl," one said, along with five flame emojis.

"What a view," another teased.

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Lifeโ€™s a climb... but the view is great.

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Even though we can't actually see how many likes Instagram posts get in Australia anymore, in Miley's neck of the woods that's still a thing and it got a whopping 3.25 million of them.

Whether or not Miley's feelings currently match her social media vibe, we're not yet sure.

But her sexy post-breakup selfie spree is argably the most 2019 way to handle a marriage breakup ever.