My first job was . . .

Teaching piano to kids.

It taught me . . . That kids have to learn to colour inside the lines.

My big break came . . . What big break? Ummm biggest break for a non-big-breaker? Christ Almighty at the Basement Theatre, which I co-wrote. I think that was how I got on Shortland Street, thanks to actress Beth Allen talking to writer Steven Zanoski. Then they killed me (Christmas cliff-hanger) and then I got my way on to the storylining table. Turned out I wasn't terrible and since then I've continued to write as a hired gun for Shortland Street and work on my own slate.


The last job I quit was . . . Story producer for Neighbours. I quit because of the immense amount of work, but the people were absolutely gorgeous. Plus, let's be honest, there's only so much that can happen in a cul-de-sac.

The most famous person I've ever met is . . . Robbie Magasiva. It was after Christ Almighty. He was playing Donkey and I was playing The Three Wise Men (we wrote him as one schizophrenic man). I had a hospital gown on which showed my arse. I blacked out my teeth and had a bald skull cap on. Oh, and a huge homemade merkin that hung below my knees. I came out of the dressing room and he was talking with my father - who had bought him a beer and had no idea who he was - guess he just liked Robbie's Donkey (sounds rude!). I introduced myself - "ah, I wrote the play?"

He was . . . Charming. He said later (when we started dating) that it was me flashing my merkin and arse in the finale that won his heart.

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The best time I've had on stage was . . .

Chasing Yvette Parsons round the stage with her tits out as she yelled "Dobbo! Dobbo!" at Tom Sainsbury, who was singing Loyal on repeat (the worst impression): "keep it that way, keeeep it that wayah."

But the worst was . . . One time on Shortland Street I had to wear a pink PVC nurses outfit (you could see my knickers) and practically beg a much older man to "get it on" with me on the CEO desk. He kept muttering "I'm a married man, I'm a married man".

My dream role would be . . . I'm not sure - something that makes me really famous globally and then means that I can choose my roles. Otherwise, Jesus in a film that I and Tom Sainsbury have written.

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