Jason Momoa is being body-shamed for no longer having a perfectly chiseled superhero physique, as online trolls claim the actor has lost his washboard abs and now has a 'dad bod.'

The 39-year-old Aquaman star was vacationing in Venice, Italy, with his wife Lisa Bonet, their children, and her daughter Zoë Kravitz last week when he was photographed walking by the pool shirtless, reports the Daily Mail.

One of the images was shared on Us Weekly's Instagram account, and while plenty of people gushed about how hot he is, there were almost just as many asking where his famous abs went.

"Omg, what happened to the abs?" one person commented, while another added: "He gained weight! Omg."


Others wrote things such as "Dad bod" and "Abs gone" while criticizing the former Game of Thrones star's slightly softer frame.

There were also some who noted the change in his appearance but made it clear they were all for it.

"The dad bod is everything and sooooo much better than the abs," one person wrote.

"Looking a little ... soft. Still a hottie tho," someone else said.

However, once word got out that Jason was being body-shamed, people took to Twitter to leap to his defense and remind his critics that he is still in better shape than most people could ever dream to be.

"If you're honestly trying to imply Jason Momoa has a Dad bod, then it's clear you don't know what a Dad bod is," one person tweeted.

"How is this a dad bod?" someone else asked. "Dad's [sic] wish they have this bod. Put some damn respect on Jason Momoa's name."

Another person commented: "So apparently people are shaming Jason Momoa's Dad bod... you know the body where he looks like an above average fit man instead of a Spartan Warrior?"


It seems Jason has just been living his best life and indulging in his favorite foods while he still can. The action star will soon start filming Aquaman 2, which is slated to hit theaters in late 2022.

The Hawaiian star is well known for his sculpted physique. Photo / Supplied
The Hawaiian star is well known for his sculpted physique. Photo / Supplied

Just a few weeks before Aquaman premiered in December 2018, the 6-foot-4 revealed that he had quit his grueling diet after filming.

"I had to not really eat as much to stay lean. I'm Hawaiian—if we eat, we just get big. So, genetically, it's hard for me to get trim," he told E! News. "You deplete yourself of carbs, so I had a harder time getting lean. I'd rather just get big."

Jason made it clear that getting his body in tip-top shape for the film wasn't easy. Not only is he "not a fan of doing abs," he said he couldn't even drink beer.

Understandably, he was ready to let himself go once production wrapped on the film.

"I haven't touched a weight in nine months. I'm just eating bread and butter!" he said, adding: "Every day is a cheat day!"

However, he noted that his care-free attitude about his diet and fitness is only temporary.

"Eventually I'll have to go back to being this guy,' he said. 'But right now? Nah."