By Leigh Hart

I have always been fascinated with the Moon landings and everything NASA.

Perhaps it was because I was born on July 20, the anniversary of the day that Neil Armstrong took his first historic steps on the moon in 1969. Just to clarify, I wasn't actually born on the same day, as I am so much younger than that, actually I was born a year later to the day, in 1970.

Legends like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and the other Nasa astronauts were my heroes growing up, and still are.


I wanted to be an astronaut myself, but my chances were severely limited by my colour-blindness, some sort of dyslexia when it comes to mathematics and the fact I was born in Greymouth, a town that didn't have much of an apprentice programme for astronauts.

Having said that I been looking forward to the 50-year anniversary of that great event with much anticipation, eager to see previously unreleased footage from NASA, and to read the many tributes and opinions from an array of people about that historic time, much of which will no doubt be published in the Herald.

But I also wanted to contribute. So every day in July, I will be releasing on the Herald site, a totally unrelated, and nonsensical clip from Moon TV, a half-arsed comedy show I used to make.

I know the connection is extremely tenuous, but it's a bit of fun. I also hope you enjoy the Herald's actual in-depth coverage of that amazing time in July 50 years ago.

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