There's a spot up for grabs on TVNZ's Breakfast team with host Daniel Faitaua set to depart to replace Joy Reid as the state broadcaster's Europe correspondent.

Faitaua will head to London with his family in late August after Reid finishes her two year tenure.

"After three years, I am sad to leave the Breakfast family, but I am excited and thrilled to take up one of the most coveted positions in New Zealand journalism," Faitaua said in a statement.

"It's been a dream job of mine since I enrolled in journalism school 11 years ago. It's a job with immense prestige and I'll provide a lens into what is going on in Europe."


Faitaua's departure will leave a hole on but TVNZ's communication's manager Rachel Howard said they had yet to choose a replacement for Breakfast.

"We don't have an announcement to make yet but I'm sure we'll be making one shortly," she said.

Faitaua recently spoke to The Herald as a guest of the Trip Notes travel podcast. Europe has held a special place for the broadcaster since he was a 7th form student of Art History.

"Venice is definitely one place I'd love to go," he said "London is another place. I haven't been to Europe, full stop."

Listen to the full interview on theTrip Notes podcast