She's the bride who was cruelly fat-shamed by her "husband" during her time on Married At First Sight.

In fact, the whole of Australia was left fuming when Sam Ball described his new "wife" as a "bigger" girl after first clapping eyes on her.

But just a few months after the show wrapped Elizabeth Sobinoff has undergone a stunning transformation, revealing her impressive new body in a series of snaps this week, reports

In one photo, the 28-year-old rocked a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans and a white lace crop top — a simple outfit that made a huge statement.


While in another much racier photo, Lizzie posed in just her lingerie, wearing a tiny G-string with a black lace bra as she sultrily stared into the camera.

It didn't take long for the comments about Lizzie's weight to start pouring in, many complimenting the apparent change to her figure.

When fans pushed the blonde to reveal her "weight loss secrets", she told them exactly how it was done.

Her new body comes after she was cruelly fat-shamed by her
Her new body comes after she was cruelly fat-shamed by her "husband" Sam Ball on the show. Photo / Elizabeth Sobinoff

"Getting rid of toxic people," she said, seemingly making reference to her now ex-hubby.

Sam shocked MAFS viewers when he told producers, "I've never really dated girls as big as Elizabeth in the past," after seeing her for the first time at their "wedding".

The backlash was huge, with Lizzie eventually feeling the need to explain her weight, stating she has two chronic health conditions that affect it.

Elizabeth's first condition is Porphyria, a blood disorder that can affect the nervous system and other organs, including the skin. Exposure to sunlight can trigger it, inducing a scarily fast heart-rate, itchiness and even confusion.

While the second health condition she's living with is a mild form of lupus. The auto-immune disease that's also affected by sunlight.


It's because of this, Lizzie has said, that she wears long hair extensions, to help protect her from the sun.

Her hair, which was a platinum blonde on the show, also copped some serious backlash at the start of the year.

The public outcry over the offending weave was huge, with streams of viewers mocking Lizzie's tresses on Twitter.

This was where her transformation began, first initially removing the "dodgy" extensions and replacing them with better ones and finally, changing her hair colour to a warm chocolate brown.

Fans loved the new look, calling her "beautiful" and stating she looked "amazing".

"You look incredible," one fan told her back in February.

"I'm loving the changes," another gushed.

Since then, Lizzie has continued to evolve before our eyes.

Scrolling through her Instagram feed, you can see she tones down her signature black-winged eyeliner and chooses to rock more natural shades of lippie too.

Again, the decision proved popular with her 205,000 followers, who applauded every step she took away from her MAFS appearance.

"You look absolutely stunning now babe," someone wrote on one of her selfies in April. "This look really suits you!!"

Another said: "I'm really liking this look on you — you look more natural — just beautiful!!"

But it was in mid-May that Lizzie debuted her weight loss, completing her transformation from reality star to fully-fledged influencer.

Lizzie with her husband Sam Ball before she knew what his first impressions of her were. Photo / Instagram
Lizzie with her husband Sam Ball before she knew what his first impressions of her were. Photo / Instagram

In a photo where she was wearing a form-fitting burnt orange dress, she attracted plenty of compliments from admirers — and many questions about how she achieved the weight loss.

"How did you do it?' a fan probed.

Aside from her opening up about her chronic illnesses as a contributing factor as to why she struggles with her weight, stating in a video it can cause her to gain as much as 20kg at times — she remained tight-lipped about any other tricks until this week.

The sexy selfies continued to pour in though, with fans noting her ex was probably "kicking himself".

With each post, it seemed her confidence grew, some even showing the former reality contestant makeup free, a stark contrast to her look on during her TV stint — during which time we saw Lizzie seem so miserable, she was munching on family blocks of Dairy Milk.

And who can forget her on-screen pizza indulgence that gave us a pretty genius hack for enjoying future leftovers.

Her most recent sexy photos seem to suggest those oh-so relatable comfort eating sessions are long behind her.

As well as confirming the trick to her healthier new body was ditched "toxic people" — she's transformed herself into a body positive role model.

"Not. Your. Typical," was the caption that accompanied the photo of her rocking a tiny G-string on Thursday, which earned applaud from many.

"Thank you for showing your real authentic self," one fan said, a sentiment expressed by many.

But it was this comment that really sums up Lizzie's transformation: "And just like that, she changed the game."

I doubt she could have put it better herself.